Welcome to Circular Economy !

Welcome to my world. i'm Michele Del Vecchio, CEO and Founder of Buyref and Ricondizionatoshop.com. We are a visionary executive Circular Economy group of professionals, with over 30 years of experience in business development and operational activity, in Reverse Logistic, Returns Management, Repair and refurbishment, Quality and Operational management, Consumer Electronics Sales. We are involved in a Circular Economy Mission, providing full-service solutions in way to achieve, shortly and with most cost-effective methods, concrete results, fast and realistic. We would like to see a green world, with less electronics waste, with our sea's clean and free-plastic. All companies are working making their part, with a concrete policy and strategies focus on circular economy solutions, and for that reason, considering our skills, experience, but overall, the results we've had, we can be helpful and provide the right solution. mik
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