What’s the value of right connections?

After more than 30 years of professional life, we’ve built a high quality’s network of connections , people, relationship, decision makers at european level, we’ve named The Powerful Network”more connections meaning more opportunities” it’s our mantra.

For that reason “the Powerful Network” it’s the instrument we consider as basic, mandatory, useful to provide the service you need with the best quality and fast. Through TPF, you can reach DIRECTLY and FAST, your targets, meets the decision-makers, sell your products/services or buy it, with immediate results. More than 5.000 contacts in Reverse logistic 
Supply Chain (consumer goods)Retailers / E-tailers Repair and refurbishment / Spare PartsTrading Companies / Brokers (IT and mobile, Home Appliances, Consumer goods)Buyers and Sales ManagersThe Powerful Network will help your company concretely and fast providing the right solution/target for your business

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