#CircularEconomy . How do You count the costs of returns?

U-Look-I-C by Angela and Paul Blackman help us to understanding

Everytime i’m speaking about job with Paul Blackman, my mentor, my friend, my former boss, our topics are always deepest and detailed, are serious and defined.

but in the answers i have from Paul, there is always a kind of magic, which is nothing of supernatural, it’s only experience. All my mental job-twister, thanks to his suggestions, are converted in fresh light breeze, and all my doubts cleaned.

For that reason, my weekly article, it’s to share how do i feel when discuss with Paul and Angela ( his super-wife ), and share also their “be expert” in circular economy.

in the following link the complete article about “How do You count the costs of returns?” made by U-Look-I-C , the business growth consulting company by Paul and Angela Blackman. click below and Enjoy

Credits: Thanks to U-Look-I-C and …

Angela Blackman, Design specialist, social media management and design, and Paul Blackman Business improvement consultant,

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