#WTS Stock Large Appliances, #returns ABC grade untested “top brands”

Stock White goods ABC Grade untested
TOP Brands ( Candy,Hoover,Hisense,Haier,Samsung etc. )
Fridges/washing machines/Dryer/Ovens/Freezers/Wine coolers
114 PCS / 1 full trucks
Sellable only whole stock
Products inspectable in our warehouse in Czech Republic
List on request
Pictures and video available

Michele whatsapp; +393383892814 mail: mdv@iprice.cz

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#WTS Stock #returns Untested, A/B/C Grade – Power Tools, Garden, Accessories

Stock tools, power tools, garden, accessories
Black&Decker Grohe Bosch Makita Einhell and other big brands
A/B/C Grade Returns Untested
742 pieces mixed 32 pallets – one full truck
List on request
Products are available for inspection in our warehouse in Czech
Michele Whatsapp: +39 3383892814 mail to: michele.delvecchio@ricondizionatoshop.com

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#WTS Stock Robots Vacuum Cleaners Medion #returns untested

mod. 18871 1200 pcs
mod. 18379 1200 pcs
Grade A/B ( 14 days returns untested )
Original Packaging
MOQ 500 pcs per model
Price on request
Products can be inspected in our warehouse in CZECH

Michele whatsapp: +39 3383892814

mail to; michele.delvecchio@ricondizionatoshop.com

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#WTS big Stock B-Wares #returns tested and working

NEW Big Stock BWARES Superbrands

Electronics ( Apple earphones,Xiaomi,GoGen,Logitech,JBL etc. )

Small Appliances ( Tefal,Rowenta,Electrolux,ETA,Sencor,BOSCH etc.)

8.905 pcs working and Tested ( 5 Trucks )

A/B/C Grade returns from Customers

Sellable only whole stock

available for inspection in our warehouse in Czech Republic

Michele whatsapp: +39 3383892814 mail to: michele.delvecchio@ricondizionatoshop.com

List on request

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#WTS New Stocklot #RETURNS “Top Brands” Microwaves Ovens

Nr.of pieces: 473

  • Nr.of pallets: 42
  • Grade: Mixed A/B/C
  • Status: Returns Untested
  • Quality: Very good quality
  • Products are available for inspection in our warehouse in CZECH
  • list and prices on request.

please get in touch in ENG or ITA to my whatsapp nr.+39 3383892814

or email to michele.delvecchio@ricondizionatoshop.com

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#WTS stocklot 186 pcs #Whitegoods appliances, brand new with small warehouse damages or dent . Big brands #Samsung, #Haier, #Siemens, #AEG, #Beko, #Hisense, #Candy #Hoover, #Gorenje, #Privileg, #Midea, #Baucknecht

New arrive , stocklot 186 large appliances, products are new but with some warehouse damages some of them only scratch or dent. All products are in our warehouse in Czech Republic, available for inspection. ask for pictures, prices and inventory list to michele.delvecchio@ricondizionatoshop.com

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Refurbishment household appliances reduce CO2 impact

My website claim is “buy refurbished and save the planet” . This not only an “emotional” claim, it’s a way to live, not only for me but i hope , for everyone live in a sustainable way.

The everyday use of home appliances, laptops or mobile phones is an obvious cause of CO2 emissions. While obvious, everyday use is not the main cause, which comes when manufacturing the product. In this case, recycling appliances or IT devices reduces landfill waste, but increases CO2 emissions, because it increases the need to manufacture replacement products.

Across society, sustainability has become a critical issue, so it is important to understand how to make your business and operations more sustainable. Saving energy is good, but reducing emissions is better. Companies should consider using circular supply chains and refurbishment services. Rather than the traditional ‘take, make, dispose’ model, a circular economy reuses and refurbish products and materials to minimise waste and make the most of our natural resources.

From a sustainability perspective, while recycling obsolescent appliance or device should ensure some valuable metal reuse, it is only a partial solution. Every time an organisation throws away a laptop, or an owen a blender they need a new one to replace it. By comparison, if old appliances or devices are refurbished they can be reused by a less demanding user and displace the need to manufacture replacements.

Evidence of human impact on fragile ecosystems surrounds us, and we continue to overconsume finite resources. Refurbishing is part of the solution: one way to reduce the carbon footprint, raw materials used and e-waste produced.

The choice is not between being sustainable and being profitable. There is a business case for more sustainable behaviour: Quite simply, refurbishing Appliances or IT will extract more value than recycling. Sales departments can sell used refurbished products , avoid recycling fees and landfill taxes. There is also a change coming in buying behaviour: organisations with sustainability policies will require suppliers to meet their sustainability standards; this practice started in Sweden, and is spreading south. Even if not a mandatory buying criterion, demonstrable sustainability can help differentiate your organisation and create a competitive edge.

IT devices are natural candidates for circular business models. Use a qualified and certified refurbishment service based on a circular economy approach, and your products policies offer a route to more sustainable electronic. This is a simple step to improve the sustainability of your operations while developing a plan to do better. Not only does this choice makes good commercial sense, it is also the right thing to do for the planet.

Let’s talk about it


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