What we can do for your company

Reverse logistic management
we collaborate with most important European Reverse Logistic companies.If you are a manufacturer, retailer or an Ecommerce,  we can provide the best cost-effective solutions, in terms of reverse logistic solution service management for your returns 

Repair and Refurbishment

We can provide high quality repair and refurbishment service about your returns if , IT and mobile, small domestic appliances, Vending Machines, consumer electronics, High-Tech complex electronics systems, Fashion and Apparel.

Intl. and New Business Development

We can manage your business development. Thanks to our "Powerful Network" we can introduce and develop your business in all European countries , middle east, South America, thanks to our long standing expertise in international business development management.

The Powerful Network, it's our big treasure, a sophysticated Decision makers contacts database built in over 30 years of business development and big results.

Clients Leads Hunting

Our deep knowledge of IT and mobile , Consumer Electronics, Small domestic appliances, Vending machines, fashion and apparel etc. can get to your company the opportunity to achieve targets and new leads in all the industries already mentioned.

We can provide a big number of high quality leads, only decision makers, like CEO's, Senior Management, Logistic and Supply Chain managers, returns Managers, Buyers, Liquidators, Traders and Brokers

Supply Chain and Operational Management

Thanks the specific, high level skills to our team members we can supply an high quality Supply Chain and Operational management consulence service, or temporary management, for all our clients.

Surplus Stock Management

We have agreements with most important auction/trading/Liquidators/Buyers companies focus on second-hand , returns and/or refurbished products. If your company need to manage Surplus stock, stock-lots, Obsolete products, or something like that, we can , seriously, help you

Returns/Refurbish Re-Sell B2B/B2C

In add to the previous , we can offer a specific sales service of your returns or refurbished products, through our platforms ( under construction )B2B or B2C 

International Insurance

We have agreements with the most important insurance European companies, with the best cost-effective possible 

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