Samsung Galaxy S9 Refurbished Various grades and colours

Ready to shipping, Samsung Galaxy S9 refurbished various grades and colours.

  • Galaxy S9 64GB - Nero (Midnight Black) C grade 159 pcs
  • Galaxy S9 64GB - Nero (Midnight Black) D grade 36 pcs
  • Galaxy S9 64GB - Nero (Midnight Black) B grade 18 pcs
  • Galaxy S9 64GB - Viola (Lilac Purple) D grade 57 pcs
  • Galaxy S9 64GB - Viola (Lilac Purple) C grade 46 pcs
  • Galaxy S9 64GB - Viola (Lilac Purple) B grade 18 pcs
  • Galaxy S9 64GB - Blu (Coral Blue) C grade 63 pcs
  • Galaxy S9 64GB - Blu (Coral Blue) D grade 38 pcs

All products are in gift-box accessories included.

MQO 100 pcs

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Refurbishment household appliances reduce CO2 impact

My website claim is "buy refurbished and save the planet" . This not only an "emotional" claim, it's a way to live, not only for me but i hope , for everyone live in a sustainable way.

The everyday use of home appliances, laptops or mobile phones is an obvious cause of CO2 emissions. While obvious, everyday use is not the main cause, which comes when manufacturing the product. In this case, recycling appliances or IT devices reduces landfill waste, but increases CO2 emissions, because it increases the need to manufacture replacement products.

Across society, sustainability has become a critical issue, so it is important to understand how to make your business and operations more sustainable. Saving energy is good, but reducing emissions is better. Companies should consider using circular supply chains and refurbishment services. Rather than the traditional ‘take, make, dispose’ model, a circular economy reuses and refurbish products and materials to minimise waste and make the most of our natural resources.

From a sustainability perspective, while recycling obsolescent appliance or device should ensure some valuable metal reuse, it is only a partial solution. Every time an organisation throws away a laptop, or an owen a blender they need a new one to replace it. By comparison, if old appliances or devices are refurbished they can be reused by a less demanding user and displace the need to manufacture replacements.

Evidence of human impact on fragile ecosystems surrounds us, and we continue to overconsume finite resources. Refurbishing is part of the solution: one way to reduce the carbon footprint, raw materials used and e-waste produced.

The choice is not between being sustainable and being profitable. There is a business case for more sustainable behaviour: Quite simply, refurbishing Appliances or IT will extract more value than recycling. Sales departments can sell used refurbished products , avoid recycling fees and landfill taxes. There is also a change coming in buying behaviour: organisations with sustainability policies will require suppliers to meet their sustainability standards; this practice started in Sweden, and is spreading south. Even if not a mandatory buying criterion, demonstrable sustainability can help differentiate your organisation and create a competitive edge.

IT devices are natural candidates for circular business models. Use a qualified and certified refurbishment service based on a circular economy approach, and your products policies offer a route to more sustainable electronic. This is a simple step to improve the sustainability of your operations while developing a plan to do better. Not only does this choice makes good commercial sense, it is also the right thing to do for the planet.

Let's talk about it


Sales of refurbished appliances doubled in April.

Refurbishers appliance businesses said that they have seen a surge in business since the coronavirus outbreak.

The boom in sales is credited to expanded use due to stay-at-home orders, additional money from stimulus checks and people working on home projects.

The amateur baker has saved the flour industry, right. People are using appliances a lot and that causes thing that are getting old to break, but I think a lot of it is, ‘My oven doesn’t bake cookies. Let’s get on the internet and see what we want,

Strong business combined with factory delays means it is hard for appliance businesses to meet the demand.

A lot of stuff is on backorder. Ovens aren’t available for another month and other appliances we’re having a tough time getting. It’s not just new appliances that people are buying. sales of refurbished appliances doubled in April.

Covid-19 could boost the concept of the circular economy for electrical products, as consumers reconsider what they really need to own, while companies producing or relying on electrical products investigate ways to avoid disrupted supply chains. “When you get these global shocks, it does make people question the resilience of supply chains, and makes us think about systems, which is fundamentally what the circular economy is about,” says Joe Iles, circular design programme lead for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Giving people a good experience when buying secondhand or refurbished products is crucial to compete in the market.

This means that appliance companies and manufacturer must to change their mentality. Refurbishment is not an internal conflict, not cannibalize nothing, rather, it's an opportunity, a saving costs activity, contribute to get up the brand, a customer super-service ( are you looking for an oven and is not available? Buy our refurbished ..... ) basically, the deal of the year.

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The “Circular Electronics Iniziative”, a new big opportunity for Reverse Logistics, repair and refurbishment services

During pandemy, on 11 March, the EU commission released its new Circular Economy Action Plan outlining a set of initiatives aimed to establish a sustainable framework for products, services and business models and make products easier to reuse, repair and recycle.

This unprecedented economic status provides the EU with the opportunity to go even further, and accelerate the shift to a circular economy, which means more opportunities for Reverse Logistics,Repair and Refurbishment Services.

Chapter 3.1 of Circular Economy Action Plans says :

"Electrical and electronic equipment continues to be one of the fastest growing waste streams in the EU, with current annual growth rates of 2%.

It is estimated that less than 40% of electronic waste is recycled in the EU20. Value is lost when fully or partially functional products are discarded because they are not reparable, the battery cannot be replaced, the software is no longer supported, or materials incorporated in devices are not recovered.
About two in three Europeans would like to keep using their current digital devices for longer, provided performance is not significantly affected21.
To address these challenges, the Commission will present a ‘Circular Electronics Initiative’ mobilising existing and new instruments. In line with the new sustainable products policy framework, this initiative will
promote longer product lifetimes and include, among others, the following actions:

• regulatory measures for electronics and ICT including mobile phones, tablets and laptops under the Ecodesign Directive so that devices are designed for energy efficiency and durability, reliability, upgradability, maintenance, reuse and recycling. The upcoming Ecodesign Working Plan will set out further details on this. Printers and consumables such as cartridges will also be covered unless the sector reaches an ambitious voluntary agreement within the next six months;
• focus on electronics and ICT as a priority sector for implementing the ‘right to repair’, including a right to update obsolete software;
• regulatory measures on chargers for mobile phones and similar devices, including the introduction of a common charger, improving the durability of charging cables, and incentives to decouple the purchase of chargers from the purchase of new devices;
• improving the collection and treatment of waste electrical and electronic equipment including by exploring options for an EU-wide take back scheme to return or sell back old mobile phones, tablets and chargers"

Why Reverse Logistic and refurbishment services must to in invest in Italy


Simply because second-hand market value in Italy , i mean, reselling, reusing, and recycling objects is gaining ground and today is worth 23 billion euros, i.e, 1.3 percent of GDP, with a 28 percent growth over the last seven years. 

According to market research firm Doxa, which recently conducted a study for Subito—the leading digital platform in Italy that automates trade of used items for 11 million unique monthly users—18 million objects found a new home through their platform. Leggi tutto

How we can be helpful in your reverse logistic needs


Nobody can says "we are your solution" if not in knowledge, perfectly about your needs , but we are pretty sure that, a good reverse logistic partner , need to have clear the returns map.  

Mapping reverse-logistics operations means developing a full picture of the different ways by which parts and assets move between customers, business systems and warehouse locations.

 Effective mapping and managing the need for parts, anticipating or planning returns and the corresponding depot service can transform reverse logistics from cost driver to a revenue-producing business function. 

This requires reverse-logistics activities to be handled in a unified, standardized fashion, with returns, depot repairs and part or asset swaps all coded in the same language.

HUAWEY and SONY smartphones refurbished Stocklot

Available ready to shipping , smartphones stocklot refurbished D grade,  Main characteristic of these smartphones is that they are 100% functionally, most of them, with aesthetic issues. Models available are:
  • Huawey : Honor9 / MATE 9-10-20 PRO / P9-P10-P10plus-P20
  • SONY Xperia : X - X compact/performance - XZ - XA1-2 - 2 premium - XZ5
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Pasta Aurora stocklot

two full trucks of 100% Italian pasta Aurora, 1kg pack, high quality various formats MQO 1 full truck ( 66 demi pallets ) Shelf life = feb / mar / apr. 2023 Net Price 0,55 euro per Kg.

Bayer Spray and Gel Insecticide Stocklot

Available in logistic ready to shipping stocklot Bayer products

Solfac Gel FOM RB12X (2x2gr) Italy 4.000 pcs

Solfac Spray 24x400 ml CAN Italy 14.400 pcs

RRP Value euro 123.000

Stocklot Sales price euro 37.000

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coppertone stocklot

Coppertone Stocklot

Available in Logistic Italy, ready to shipping Stocklot Solar creams Coppertone.

Sunscreen FPS 15 200ml                        12.000 pcs

Tunning cream FPS 6 200ml                    2.800 pcs

Tunning accellerator 150ml                     3.000 pcs

RRP Value euro 204.000

Stocklot sales price euro 27.000

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