#WTS stocklot 186 pcs #Whitegoods appliances, brand new with small warehouse damages or dent . Big brands #Samsung, #Haier, #Siemens, #AEG, #Beko, #Hisense, #Candy #Hoover, #Gorenje, #Privileg, #Midea, #Baucknecht

New arrive , stocklot 186 large appliances, products are new but with some warehouse damages some of them only scratch or dent. All products are in our warehouse in Czech Republic, available for inspection. ask for pictures, prices and inventory list to michele.delvecchio@ricondizionatoshop.com

#WTS #Stocklot White goods “new” mixed A and B grade top brands

Available stocklot ready to shipping, white goods new , mixed A and B grade

A grade = NEW goods, damaged packing. product is 100% perfect

B grade = NEW goods, with scratch or dents

102 pcs various top brands like #Samsung #Haier #Beko #Candy #Siemens etc.

Available for inspection in our warehouse in Czech republic

for inventory list, prices and pictures write to : michele.delvecchio@ricondizionatoshop.com

#WTS #Stocklot Yard Force Compact Mowing Robot Lawnmover 500 m2, brand new

Brand new, Super HQ robotic lawnmover,

Samsung lithium-ion cells with powerful 28 V battery, 2.0 Ah, cutting width: 180 mm, cutting height: 20 mm- 60 mm (5 levels)
Double protection: iRadar ultrasonic sensor Active safety function for detecting obstacles at a distance of 20-60 cm to avoid collisions; Inclination sensor and colision sensor for additional protection.
Edge trimming function to keep the garden clean and tidy; brushless motor to enable quiet and powerful cutting performance.
Simple operation via smartphone app and quick installation. The Yard Force LUV 600Ri is ready for use in your garden in just a few steps.
Contents of the packaging: 1x robotic mower / 1x charging station / 100 m boundary wire / 120 pieces. Fastening nails / 9 m power cable / 3 spare blades / 3 spare screws / 3 cable connectors / spacer ruler / operating instructions

we want to sell entire stocklot ( 380 pcs ) in one solution.

Net price 249,00 euro per pcs EXW

Retail price 399,00 euro ( https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B0888T4WTY?th=1 )

if interested send email to michele.delvecchio@ricondizionatoshop.com

#WTS #stocklot #HP #Printers, New, Returns , Box damaged

Available ready to shipping three stocklots HP Printers,

First stocklot , new with small packaging damages , various models, 980 pcs

Second Stocklot, returns most part like new, but need small repairs, various models with high value items, 94 pcs

Third Stocklot, new with small packaging damages, various models, 196 pcs.

All Stocklots are in our warehouse in Czech, available for inspection.

ask for list and prices to michele.delvecchio@ricondizionatoshop.com

#WTS Full Trucks #Smallappliances #consumer electronics, refurbished 100% working , top brand, very attractive price. no list available

We’ve available full trucks ( around 600 pcs per truck ) of small domestic appliances Klarstein brands , refurbished, most part in original packaging , 100% working , available for inspection in our warehouse in Czech. Price very interesting and attractive. No list available

ask for price and pictures to michele.delvecchio@ricondizionatoshop.com

#WTS #Stocklot #smallappliances and #consumer electronics, pure #returns untested, Very good quality , Super-attractive price

We want to sell stocklot small appliances and consumer electronics products, returns untested, very good quality, most part in original packaging, in boxes 100cm high. Fully available for inspection in our warehouse in Czech. Super attractive price per box.

ask for pictures and price to michele.delvecchio@ricondizionatoshop.com