#WTS #stocklot Clima Portable and Air Coolers , New pristine

#Clima portable, stocklot , ready to shipping, Super-price. Available for inspection

DMS Germany LK-80 200
DMS Germany LK-70 200
DMS Germany clima MK-7000200
DMS Germany clima MK-8000200
DMS Germany clima MK-900030
Ventilator Royalty Line100
Royalty Line AC-80.880.3600
 4v1 Royalty Line AC-80.880.4LR200
1.730 pcs

Ask for price to michele.delvecchio@ricondizionatoshop.com

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#WTS #Samsung Galaxy S9 GO DUAL Sim #refurbished #stocklot #superprice

WTS stocklot, 500 pcs ready to shipping, Samsung Galaxy S9 Go Dual Sim, various grades and colours, certified refurbished, with box and accessories.

Products are from directly refurbisher, not from traders, available for inspection.

Ask for price to: michele.delvecchio@ricondizionatoshop.com

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#WTS Stocklot White goods A grade, New but box damaged, stand alone and built in.

#WTS Urgently, 443 pcs white goods, brand new but with box damaged, Various top brand ( Samsung, AEG, Electrolux, Zanussi, Franke etc. ) Stand Alone and built in, Stand Alone are with UK Plug.

Products are ready to shipping, available for inspection. Warehouse in Czech.

Very aggressive price.

ask list and price to michele.delvecchio@ricondizionatoshop.com

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#Returns #Repair #Refurbishment #Re-sale #Recove #Recycle #Reduce

the seven "R" according Michele Del Vecchio, CEO and founder of Buyref and ricondizionatoshop.com

Difficulties in recycling electrical waste from household clearouts during COVID-19 lockdown could derail some Countries compliance with targets after a record year, WEEE EU has warned.

Now will be mandatory for home appliances manufacturer, E-tailers, Retailers, end users, work to not waste all progresses achieved . So, what the solution? We asked to our CEO Michele Del Vecchio, his point of view.

"the only recipe is that, there isn't a recipe" starts Michele, "i mean, nobody was ready to this emergency, nothing could be compared to other crisis, so , nobody can say -i have the solution- , and for that reason the only one help, could comes only from the experience, that's it.

Following my experience, for home appliances companies, is not a solution but could be seriously helpful have to follows the "seven R's " which are for me, the mandatory circular economy rules .

#Returns , a good reverse logistic policy, surely will improve the management of all returns are from "E-COVID-SALES" , could be also, the opportunity to get better in CO2 impact topic. We've choosed as partner a reverse logistic company based properly to their CO2 policy and not based on costs

#Repair and #Refurbishment , now it's time to be more open in order to repair ( right to ) and refurbishment policy. Companies will embrace those strategies, will are alligned with EU rules in terms of #Reduce electronics waste, as EU required. Our partners, works in refurbishment from years, have skills, experience, effort and quality, basically are ready to get battle.

#Re-sale, will be for companies a must. Sell their returns, or refurbished products, it's deeply strategical to mantain the market share, the brand awareness. This not will create internal conflicts, because new pristine and refurbished products are sold, normally in two differents and specific markets ( outlets, specialized E-stores etc. ) at least, will help to #Recove and to save loss and costs.

#Recycle , is not the flows ending , have to be the mantra, something inside, a winning mentality, and not the future, but the present. Something probably, till now , considered only a fashion trend, but converted surely by crisis in something more serious and not more to postpone, but to work on it concretely .

buy refurbished and safe the planet


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Can the pandemic help us to embrace refurbished home appliances?

As the pandemic has impacted supply chains, some Home appliances and electronics manufacturers have struggled to produce new equipment. Could this be the moment for refurbishing and reusing existing equipment?

Sales of appliances and electronics goods have surged in recent months as millions around the world have turned their homes into offices and digital classrooms. Within the first two weeks of March, the US saw IT and other electronics equipments all increase by 10%.

That might sound like good news for manufacturers, but the other winners could be those pushing for circular economies that facilitate a continual use of resources. this could be a key moment for sustainable production. The fact that many manufacturers haven't been able to produce and supply new equipment, has made them start "to look in other directions to keep their infrastructure running," and that they are now "opening up for a circular business model."

this is chance for people to realize that refurbished products works fine,

But in a world that generates about 50 million tons of electric and electronic waste annually — roughly equivalent to discarding 1,000 laptops every single second, opting for refurbished goods is still relatively uncommon. 

Even though the European Union adopted a new Circular Economy Action Plan in March that aims to ensure resources used are kept in the EU economy for as long as possible, manufacturers are still uncertain about strategies and get their returns to be refurbished.

Personally im in refurbishment from over ten years, and i can say quietly that , open to a refurbishment strategy it's an opportunity .

Financially to recover and safe costs, in Marketing get the brand an image sustainable, In sales meaning to maintain the brand always active, and safe a stable market share.

and that's are only few benefits could be possible achieve from a correct refurbishment strategy, so let's talk about it, we can open your mind ....


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#CircularEconomy . How do You count the costs of returns?

U-Look-I-C by Angela and Paul Blackman help us to understanding

Everytime i'm speaking about job with Paul Blackman, my mentor, my friend, my former boss, our topics are always deepest and detailed, are serious and defined.

but in the answers i have from Paul, there is always a kind of magic, which is nothing of supernatural, it's only experience. All my mental job-twister, thanks to his suggestions, are converted in fresh light breeze, and all my doubts cleaned.

For that reason, my weekly article, it's to share how do i feel when discuss with Paul and Angela ( his super-wife ), and share also their "be expert" in circular economy.

in the following link the complete article about "How do You count the costs of returns?" made by U-Look-I-C , the business growth consulting company by Paul and Angela Blackman. click below and Enjoy

Credits: Thanks to U-Look-I-C and ...

Angela Blackman, Design specialist, social media management and design, and Paul Blackman Business improvement consultant,

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#Refurbishment. Why Should buy refurbished domestic appliances ? the expert says …

In our vision of a circular economy, consumer electronic products are loved for longer.They are kept in use for as long as possible, either by the original user, or flowing to new users who will find new value and utility in them. Eventually, devices end up in the hands of specialists, who will professionally refurbish products, reuse or remanufacture the valuable
components inside, and separate and recycle materials.

But, why should be convenient buy refurbished products? Viorel Mirea, Ceo of Expert Recare srl , refurbishment company based in the wonderful Bucharest, help us explaining his"inside" point of view

I have been thinking, says Mr Viorel Mirea, what should provide a refurbisher to its clients in order to make them choose domestic appliances refurbished instead of new one.

1. Transparency regarding the product's history – product used or never
been used (packaging issues – product needs safety and functional test
just to be sure that it wasn't damaged along with its packaging)
2. Product's quality/condition – product passed safety tests, fully
functional, hygienic and proper packed
3. Warranty and return policy – build trust in regards to the product
4. Price – an important decision factor
5. After sales service support – important to know that there is a
service which provide support in case of any issue appeared (call
center, service center). These are the main important services which will make a person buyingrefurbished."

from our point of view ( Ricondizionatoshop.com side ) we add the CO2 impact, relate d to the refurbishment processes. This is our mandatory "mantra" which we selected our partners/finish goods/best for end users.

Let's talk about it


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#Refurbishment. The 5 mandatory rules to be a perfect refurbisher.We asked an expert

There are two ways to save money on big purchases like kitchen appliances power tools: you can wait and wait for the best sales, and then fight your way through the crowds to shop them; or you can buy certified refurbished merchandise for significant discounts. The best part? These refurbished products look, feel and function like they’re brand new.

When you purchase a refurbished appliance from a trusted seller like Amazon Renewed or Ebay you’re getting an item that has been used and then returned within the short return window. It’s repaired and certified to ensure it’s functioning like new, and sold at a significant discount. Sometimes, those items haven’t been used ( or NFF, not faulty Found ) — they were just returned in opened packaging and so can’t be sold as “new” anymore, even if they are indeed new.

As per trusted seller, often, we are speaking about of refurbisher, companies which works returns, repairing, cleaning, re-packing, basically getting a new lifecycle to the items. But what are the rules which are mandatory for a refurbisher to guarantee quality, working and a good deal for customer? We asked an expert, Viorel Mirea CEO and founder of Expert Recare srl, refurbishment company based in the beautiful Bucharest in Romania.

"The perfect refurbisher - says Mr. Mirea - should be focused to provide the best service for its partners and final clients, must protect the environment in all its actions and should consider the:

1. Safety - the products should be safe in operation
2. Functionality - the product should work as described by manufacturer,
nothing different by a new product.
3. Hygiene - the product should be perfect cleaned, brought as close as
possible "as new" condition.
4. Price - the price should be fair - real deal
5. Respect - for business partners and environment.

The perfect refurbisher should be fair and respectful with its business
partners, should provide a safe and fully functional product, perfectly
cleaned at a very good "green" price." says Mr. Mirea in conclusion.

Words of Mr.Mirea sounds good, speaking about that refurbishment it's built across a mix of experience, professional skills, a full vision of circular economy activities, which means obsessive attention to technical details, which is from my point of view, first quality im looking from a perfect refurbisher.

to be continued


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#Refurbishment. Home appliances Harvesting spare parts . EU adopts ‘eco-design’ rules to make it easier to repair household appliances and reduce waste

The EU has adopted new rules that will make it easier to repair household appliances in a bid to reduce waste. The measures will require manufacturers of home appliances to make spare parts available and to ensure they can be easily replaced.

From March 2021, manufacturers will have to ensure that spare parts are available for at least seven years after a product has been sold, that they can deliver the parts within 15 working days and that the parts can be replaced safely using commonly available tools.

“Whether it is by fostering repairability or improving water consumption, intelligent eco-design makes us use our resources more efficiently, bringing clear economic and environmental benefits,” said Jyrki Katainen, vice-president for jobs, growth, investment and competitiveness at the European Commission.

These measures can save European households on average €150 (£134) per year and contribute to energy savings .

EU measures says that manufacturers and importers will need to comply with the new requirements by the relevant commencement date (which varies depending on the product type but falls between 1 April 2020 and 1 September 2021) in order to keep marketing such products in the EU.

For that reason , we are pretty sure that , manufacturer need household specialized refurbishers support, to be ready in this new challenge.

We believe that, a service like Harvesting Spare parts refurbished, provided by a professional refurbisher, specialized focus on house appliances , and Europe Based will boost this process , according the new european measures.

let's talk about it, we can do it


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Home appliances. How , refurbishment, can be helpful for sales during COVID-19 emergence

The impact of the coronavirus on global logistics has been severe. Many countries have imposed substantial restrictions on border traffic.

The coronavirus has hit global trade hard. Because of the outbreak, many governments have imposed travel restrictions along with lockdowns with varying degrees of severity. The world’s trade lanes have all experienced double-digit declines. Most of them have experienced declines of over 30 percent.

The Chinese lockdown measures have had supply chain implications for many Western countries. This is because of the importance of China in so many of the world’s supply chains.

As a result, even businesses encountering increased demand, such small domestic appliances and electrical equipment, are facing supply chain issues that endanger their production.

The global impact of the coronavirus on the economy and supply chains is still difficult to assess in its entirety. However, what is already clear is that the impacts of the virus are severe and are likely to extend over the next few months at least.

So, how refurbishment services can be helpful for small domestic appliances and consumer electronics industry?

To be clear, this is not "THE" solution, but one of the right strategies useful to mitigate and/or financial/clients loss , because ...

If is not possible sell brand new products due COVID shipping restrictions, could be sold refurbished ones , reducing a big part of commercial losses and opening a new commercial market

Products refurbished are much appreciated from online buyers, which seems , are increasing day by day.

From scrap returns, refurbishers can harvest spare parts useful to be sent to service centers, solving a big issue with customer satisfied, if the far-east supplier delay the production and the shipping.

Considering entire supply chains broken due to country lockdowns,
missing raw materials, longer lead times, etc. Refurbishment and harvesting spare parts, could be an instrument to avoid market speculations, containing costs and cash .

let's talk about it, we can do it


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